A look back on January 2019

Despite the crazy start I’ve had to my 2019 . January has turned out to be pretty great. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t have a job and the stability I hoped to start off with in 2019 (but hey I look on the bright side - or at least I try to).

January has always been one of my fave months. Yes, Christmas is pretty great too (don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays). But to me, January marks a new beginning or in my case a #betterbeginnings. (Plus, the package that comes without family drama is a bonus too. Oh, did I also mention it’s my birthday month?


I’ve never had a birthday week or fully understood the sentiment, but this year I think I finally got it! It’s also how I celebrated my birthday in 2019.



was filled with a one on one dinner catchup with a friend along with a surprising discovery of cookie dough ice cream that I fell in love with and still crave to this day.


was met with a spontaneous night out of drinking with my co worker/bestie simply because we didn’t feel like going home, and that turned into such a great night.



ended up much the same dinner and drinks with friends, with the breathtaking view of Sydney at Opera Bar (a view I don’t think I could ever get sick of).


was my actual big birthday. The quietest of them all I might add, spending the day sleeping in and taking pics for my blog. Plus all my siblings were working so I had an intimate dinner with my parents at a really nice Italian place that still has me craving gnocchi to this day.


me and my two homeroom buddies (our group name, because that is how we all bonded) set off to the north coast to Seal Rocks beach, a long long 4 hours away that turned out to be a great chill day!


was filled with dancing to my hearts content at the Bastille concert at Big Top Luna Park. My first concert of the year, with plenty more to come!) Did I mention Dan walked in front of me (*fangirl scream*) and in my hour of need, he my phone decides to not cooperate and I was left jaw-dropped as I he sung right in front of my face.


Coming to the final day of the week.


was spent with my girls, my close circle of friends. It was also the first time I had ever had high tea at the Westin Hotel in the Sydney CBD we all decided to get dressed up for the occasion for a girls afternoon/night. It’s a rare occasion for all of us to hang out. Especially with living far from home, full time jobs and conflicting schedules, the last time I saw all of us together was in July 2018. (I mean we were still 1 woman down, on the day but what can you do? Life gets in the way of things). But with cakes, scones endless hours of conversation and catchups if was one of the best ways to end my birthday week! (With all my allergies they even made me a special set menu - how sweet!)

Australia Day…

I also, really love January for the extended extra day holiday day off for Australia day. It’s a great excuse to kick back and relax by the nearest beach or in my case makes the 2-hour drive to the south coast to cathedral rock Beach in Kiama. If anyone has ever been please share with where the cave is? My friend and I went and couldn’t find it, but it ended up discovery one of the best intimate chilled out beaches with gorgeous blue waters and waves. So I guess the 2 hour drive wasn’t a total waste.


Saying Goodbye…

Lastly, a little bittersweet, but I also said goodbye to my job. I guess I knew this was coming, but the month, flew by just wayyyy to quickly. I was let go from a job that I loved but again that’s how the world works. We ended my time with a nice lengthy chat with my coworkers over a bottle of wine, a lot of laughs, hugs and said our goodbyes and parted ways.

So that’s my January… Here’s to next month… Here’s to #betterbeginnings

Let me know in the comments how the first month of your year was. Did you stick to your new year goals? Was it a fresh new start?