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5 Podcasts by Content Creators For Content Creators

Some of us need something to laugh to, to cry to, to disagree to, to broaden my intellectual mind to and of course were not always surrounded my people to do so. Podcasts for me provided this stimulation. So here's 5 podcasts I'm loving by content creators for content creators.

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How To Adult Book Club Guide

I think we all get to that stage in our lives when we just think. GOSH! I wish there was a handbook for this stuff. In fairness there is no manual for every point in our lives. (Oh man - how simple life would be!) There is no right or wrong. Just a compilation of stories that we can learn from others and hope that we don't make the same mistake. Lucky enough I've compiled 4 books that happen to do just that!

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Shining a Light on Women Online! // #InternationalWomensDay

More and more I've been seeing women online lifting each up rather than being in direct competition and I'm all for it. So have a read of some female online creators that I've been loving lately

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